A Latesummer Night's Green: Buy Your Raffle Tickets and Donate to Fund A Future Today!

A Latesummer Night's Green: Buy Your Raffle Tickets and Donate to Fund A Future Today!

It's time for A Latesummer Night's Green—with a twist.

Due to social distancing restrictions the Institute has implemented in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are not able to have A Latesummer Night’s Green as we have in years past. It simply isn’t possible. What we can have, though, is a successful fundraiser. But we need your help to make that happen.

One way to do that is to buy one—or several—raffle tickets. This year our fundraising efforts will focus on two of the most popular elements of A Latesummer Night’s Green: a raffle and Fund A Future. This year's raffle features five unique and distinctly Institute-related prizes:

1. Private Hike and Picnic
Pierce Cedar Creek Institute is home to over 9 miles of hiking trails. Have you ever wanted to explore the trails on a private hike tailored to your specific interests? Well, this is the perfect prize for you! Community Program Manager Ellen Holste will lead a hike on the topic of your choice. Options include History of the Landscape, Snowshoeing, Spring or Fall Wildflowers, Fungi, Wild Edibles and/or Poisonous Plants, Lichen, Trees, Michigan Geology, or the Five Senses. After your hike, enjoy a picnic of seasonal favorites made by Chef Dan and his staff. This hike and picnic is for up to 10 people and must be redeemed September 2020 – July 2021.

2. Name a Baby Eastern Box Turtle
Researchers from Grand Valley State University initiated a multi-year study on the Institute’s Eastern box turtle population. Last year they collected baby turtles hatched at the Institute and transported them to John Ball Park Zoo to overwinter. This spring they brought the turtles back home and released them onto Institute property. Fitted with transmitters, these young turtles will provide researchers information on their movement and survival.

Seven lucky winners will have the chance to name one of these baby turtles—certainly, a chance of a lifetime!

3. Camping and Survival Training in the Little Grand Canyon
A truly one-of-a-kind experience for the avid camper! Spend two nights (Friday and Saturday) camping in the Little Grand Canyon while learning how to survive and thrive in the wilderness. Your experience will also include a 3 hour guided hike featuring the Institute’s natural history and ongoing restoration projects. This camping trip is for up to 6 people and must be redeemed in June – July 2021.

4. Fishing Trip on Brewster Lake
Brewster Lake, a beautiful 13-acre lake on Pierce Cedar Creek Institute property, is home to largemouth bass, perch, and bluegill. The Institute has the unique privilege of owning the entire watershed of Brewster Lake and in an effort to protect the lake from invasive species and other population disturbances, fishing is highly restricted and typically limited to catch-and-release. One lucky winner will get the opportunity to fish on Brewster Lake. To maintain its pristine quality, the winner will use the Institute’s watercraft, as well as artificial lures and clean personal fishing equipment.

5. Tour of Alice and Ken Jones’s Library
Talk about the perfect prize for a book lover—a chance to peruse one the most unique private libraries in Barry County! Plus, the lucky winner can take a book home as a memento of their experience! The Institute was recently gifted the home and property once owned by longtime neighbors and supporters Alice and Ken Jones. Now Michelle Skedgell, our executive director, lives in the home, and she is offering the chance to come explore this amazing library, a compilation of gifts and purchases that represent Ken's and Alice's amazing lives of travel, education, interests, and hobbies. Whether you come for an hour or a day, enjoy sitting in the beautiful library as you look through the estimated 300 books in the collection. As an added bonus, you will also see one of the most unique homes in Barry County on one of the most beautiful settings. We can’t wait to find out which book you choose!

Raffle tickets are $5 each or 3 for $10 and will be available through August 28. The raffle drawing will take place August 31 at 3 pm and will be broadcast live on Zoom. You do not need to watch the live drawing to win.