Father's Day Dinner

Father's Day Dinner

Sunday, June 18
Dinner: 5 pm
Program: 6 pm

Celebrate fathers with dinner at the Institute. The evening's program will feature information about the full solar eclipse that will move across the United States this August. Richard Bell of the Kalamazoo Astronomical Society will highlight what an eclipse is, where to see the eclipse, and how best to experience it.

Member Adults $16; Children $8
Non-Member Adults $18; Children $9
(Plus 6% sales tax. Children ages 4 – 10)

The program is free. You do not need to attend the dinner to enjoy it.


Finger Foods
Michigan Maple* Cornbread (V) [Contains Soy]
“Buttermilk” Biscuits (V) [Contains Soy and Wheat]
Dinner Rolls (V) [Contains Wheat]
Cheese and Crackers [Contains Dairy and Wheat]

Mains and Sides
Beer Can Chicken* with Roasted Spent Grains [Contains Wheat]
House Cured Picnic Ham
Grilled Seitan Cutlets with Braised Collards(V) [Contains Soy and Wheat]
Regional BBQ Sauce (V)
Au Gratin Potatoes (VT) [Contains dairy]
Grilled Market Vegetables (V)

Fresh Local Greens with Strawberry Vinaigrette (V)
Four Bean Salad with Feta Cheese (VT) [Contains Dairy]
Cucumber-Red Onion Salad (V)
Red Radish Slaw (V)
Fresh Salad with Lavender and Maple (V)

Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp (V)
Chocolate Beer Cake (V)
Root Beer Floats (VT) [Contains Dairy]

*These products have been sourced from local farms, producers, and purveyors.

V = Vegan, VT = Vegetarian
Please note that all Vegan items are also Vegetarian.
Top 8 Allergens are noted in brackets.